HL51-X LED Elevated Helipad Light

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  • Elevated Mounted Heliport Light,Marking Taxiway/Runway Boundary or Centerline,Approach Path, Landing Direction. LED less than 5W Consumption,≤ 25cm In Height, ICAO Annex 14 Volume II Compliant....
    Product Description
    HL51-X is a LED design used for helipad taxiway edge marking, runway or taxiway centerline, approach path or landing direction markings.
    Custom solutions is available like operation voltage, color white, yellow, blue, red.

    - ICAO Annex 14, Volume II, 4th Edition, July,  2013  
    - FAA  AC150/5390-2C

    •  Casting aluminum alloy strong body.
    •  No more than 25cm in height meet international standard.
    •  Rating IP65.
    •  Frangible coupling included in flange base.
    •  Polycarbonate lens very good impact resistance.
    •  Light source using high power LED with an expectancy lifespan 100,000 hours.
    •  Built in surge protection device, can be used in the harsh environment.

    •  Heliports
    •  Surface Heliports
    •  Elevated Heliports
    •  Offshore
    •  Airfield Lighting.
    Technical Parameter

    Light  Characteristics
    International standard ICAO  Annex14 Volume II; Heliports;
    FAA  AC150/5390-2C
    Light  source High Efficiency LEDs
    Color Blue,White,Yellow or other both available
    Lifespan of LED 100,000 hours
    Light  intensity 30cd
    Flash  frequency Steady
    Electrical Characteristics
    Operating Mode 220V  AC; 48V DC 
    Power 5W
    Physical Characteristics
    Body/Base Material Casting Aluminum
    Lens  Material Polycarbonate UV stabilized,good impact resistance
    Overall Dimension(mm) Φ135mm×250mm
    Mounting Method 4×9mm hubs
    Weight(kg) 1.5kg
    Environmental Factors
    Ingress Grade IP65
    Temperature Range -40℃ to 60℃
    Wind  Speed 80m/s
    Quality Assurance ISO9001:2008
    *Specifications subject to change or variation without notice. 

    Please find press release. 
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