HL50 LED Green Helipad Perimeter Light

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TLOF Flush Mounted Heliport Perimeter Light,LED 20W Consumption Green Color, ICAO Annex 14 Volume II Compliant.Casting Aluminum Alloy Housing 5.5KG....
Product Description
8 inch Heliport Perimeter Light is used for night operation. To use omnidirectional green perimeter light lighten the heliport TLOF/FATO edge area.
TLOF lighting system always consist of elevated/flush perimeter lights and floodlighting.
Custom solutions is available like operation voltage, color yellow, blue, red.

Funtion Applications
· Flush mounted marking edge of FATO area or TLOF area
· Flight path alignment lights
· Landing direction lights
· Taxiway edge lights-blue

Heliport Applications

· Surface-level ground heliport
· Rooftop&Elevated heliport
· Shipyard&Shipboard

- ICAO Annex 14, Volume II, 4th Edition, July,  2013  
- FAA  AC150/5390-2C
- Exceeds FAA Engineering Brief 87 Specifications

•  Flush type, lens above the grade only 15mm after installations. 
•  Fixture can be used with 90V~265V AC, 50Hz or 60Hz.
•  Heat&corrosion resistant lens ensure outdoor operation performance.
•  Unique optical lens design exceed ICAO required optical performance.
•  Consist of internal cap and external 8’’ base(base can).
•  Reserved glanlds/cables at bottom base 1 in-1 out, easy installations.

•  Casting aluminum alloy strong body, gray powder coating finish.
•  Diameter standard 8inch/20.32cm,bolt circle 7.25inch/18.42cm.
•  Overall diameter with base can 22cm.
•  Rating IP68.
•  Light source using integrated LED with an expectancy lifespan 100,000 hours. 
•  Option for 2 ways cable out from bottom / side easy for cable connection. 


Data Sheet
Data Sheet HL-50 8 inch helipad perimeter light

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